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Question: Will the tan be too dark and un-natural looking on really fair/pale skin?

Answer: CrazyAngel tanning solution is available in different strengths rather than a 'one solution suits all' and the technician will advise you on the most suitable strength for your skin. The best results on very pale skin are achieved by using either the 6% or 9% solutions.


Question: Will the tan look orange?

Answer: No. Modern tanning solutions are formulated in such a way as to prevent the tell-tale orangey colour of sunless tans in the past.


Question: For how long will the tan last?

Answer: On average a tan will last 5 - 10 days. depending on your skin type and aftercare of the tan. When you visit us we will recommend the correct homecare to ensure you get maximum results from your tan. See Spray Tan Aftercare link above.


Question: Will the tan wash off?

Answer: Only if you bathe or shower before the tan has fully developed, i.e. during the 8 hour development period. Once the tan has developed you can shower or bathe as normal.


Question: Can I go swimming?

Answer: Swimming in the sea on holiday is fine. However, swimming in pools is not advised as chlorine can bleach and fade the tan.


Question: Can I sunbathe with this product?

Answer: Yes, but you must remember that the self tan product has no sun protection factors in it. Therefore normal protection products would need to be applied on top to sunbathe.